Webhook concept has been increasingly used in last years to acknowledge an application in real time without the need of sending several API calls. It’s also called reverse API

Sr Pago uses Webhook to acknowledge about several operation events. The only thing you need to use this feature is to implement an API Rest that receives a Post call.

Once the API is created, inside Sr. Pago’s platform,  https://sandbox-my.srpago.com for sandbox https://my.srpago.com for production. You should configure the Webhook’s URL in the application menu


Object sent example:

  "transaction": "MjY2NzIxMw==",
  "timestamp": "2019-02-01T14:46:36-06:00",
  "payment_method": "OXX",
  "authorization_code": "4460DDBC",
  "status": "N",
  "reference": {
    "description": "kskdasd"
  "card": {
    "holder_name": "Banco pruebas",
    "type": "OXXO",
    "number": "0000",
    "label": "",
    "raw": "0000",
    "noSignature": "0"
  "total": {
    "amount": "100.00",
    "currency": "MXN"
  "tip": {
    "amount": "0.00",
    "currency": "MXN"
  "origin": {
    "location": {
      "latitude": "0.000000",
      "longitude": "0.000000"
  "affiliation": 0,
  "url": "https://sandbox-connect.srpago.com/recipe/NTExMGNiZGUtNTFmZS00OTc0LTk2M2EtZDkyZGEyMjhhZDMy",
  "hasDevolution": false



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