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Magento 2

1. Create a Magento Store 2.

If you already have a store set up with at least one product, go to step 2.

2. Download the Sr.Pago extension

Keep the .zip file as you download it, it includes all the necessary components.

Magento 2 Plug-in

3. Install the Sr.Pago extension

Magento Administrator Panel. Then go to System> Magento Connect> Magento Connect Manager

3.1 Direct package file upload> Upload .zip Follow the steps on screen

3.2 The system will show you the name of the extension. Check that everything is correct and click on Proceed to begin the installation.

3.3 The system will take you to the console view, where you can see the whole process and the errors (if they exist).

Note: Only Administrators will be able to access this section

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