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Connect / join modality

Some business lines requiere several actors to be involved in an operation, in these cases Sr. Pago offers a tool named connect/join. Which enables payment distribution between several Sr. Pago accounts without involving a transfer.

To use this it is only needed that the affiliated is registered in Sr. Pago’s platform and calculate the total amount that will be transferred to that user.

For example:

Let Alice and Bob operate a business, Alice has implemented the ecommerce platform and it is intended that Bob will earn the 70% of all operations. In case there’s an operation with a total amount of $10, Alice will assign Bob $7

To achieve this Alice will only need to add these lines to the json


Afterwards Alice will only need to make the charge as she normally does and Bob will automatically have that amount in his account.

Bob@mail.comuser must be a registered client under the Join modality, otherwise the operation won’t be successful

To add this lines into the Charge request, there’s only needed to add them inside the lines of chargeParams, as follows:

$chargeParams = array(
    “amount"=><Monto total>,// Para el ejemplo anterior aqui irían un 10
    "description" => <Descripción de la compra>,
    "reference"=> <Referencia de la compra>,
    "ip"=> <Ip del comprador>,
    “source"=><Token a usar>, //En el proceso de tokenización se definió este nombre y el método post
    "affiliated" => array(
        "user" => <Usuario afiliado>,
        “total_fee" => <Monto neto para el afiliado>// para el ejemplo serían 3
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