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Configure and install .NET SDK

Sr pago offers multiple solutions for it’s clients, in order to simplify the must common solutions, sr pago has created a SDK the will make much easier an implementation

A SDK (Software Development Kit) will make easier the development duties. In this case it will help in a faster development, nevertheless, before you start you need to configure it.


The application has to be registered in Sr Pago platforms


Option1 using nuget.org

1.1 Use command line, inside the project folder use the command

Nuget install SrPagoSDK

1.2 Using Nuget administration. console:

Install – Package SrPagoSDK

1.3 From Visual Studio

  1. Open solutions explorer
  2. Right click in the project
  3. Click Manage Nuget Packages
  4. Find SrPagoSDK
  5. In case you need another version, change it and install the dependency to the project.

Option 2 Manual installation

Download the SDK .NET

  1. The links need the following library to work correctly     BouncyCastle.Crypto.dll included in SrPago_NET package
  2. Select Add Existing project

3. Add a new reference and enter in Project/Solution and select the file that was downloaded from SrPago

Additional Resources

You can download our Demo

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